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A Nursery With A Heritage: A Teddy Bear Nursery

A Nursery with a Heritage: A Teddy Bear Nursery

I’m in love with my little girl’s nursery.  It holds so much meaning for me for several different reasons, and I hope it will hold a lot of meaning to my girl once she gets a little older.  The teddybear/Anne of Green Gables nursery was designed by me and my mom (her grandma).  It was so much fun to create a room out of nothing with my mom.  Everyone needs to take a break and enjoy hobbies sometimes.  Together we enjoyed creating the teddy bear pictures and transforming cheap picture frames into something that looked antiqued and more expensive.

There is so much heritage that went into the nursery.  My grandpa (so her great-grandfather) made the crib that I used when I was little, and now she gets to use it.  She has a teddy-bear blanket made from her great-grandma.  She has a blanket made from her 3rd great grandmother (although I don’t display it because I’m keeping that one super safe).  She has a vanity to use from her 2nd great-grandparents when she’s older.  And of course the nursery was decorated by her mom and grandma and a giant teddy bear came from her daddy.  It’s my hope that as she gets bigger she will come to understand that all these things in her room were made by people who love her so much and want only the best for her.

It also holds meaning because my little girl is named after Anne of Green Gables.  It’s always been one of my favorite books, and I think Anne is a good role model.  She’s her own person.  She chases her dreams and is ambitious.  She loves passionately and makes friends with people who are even prickly on the outside.  She makes mistakes and is far from perfect, but she learns form them.  She embraces life to the fullest.

So enough about why I love my little girl’s nursery.  Here’s how we made the teddy bear-Anne nursery.  (Sorry we didn’t take any pictures of the during phases.)  And I apologize for the poor iPhone pictures.

Antique Cheap Picture Frames

Antique cheap picture frames. Girls teddy bear nurseryHow to antique cheap picture frames. Girls teddy bear nursery

The whole theme of the nursery was around this idea of framed teddy bears that I found on Pinterest.  I loved it and we ran with the idea. I didn’t want to spend a fortune on antique looking picture frames, so I bought a bunch of cheap, $5 white plastic picture frames at Ikea.   This is the link to the large one below and here’s a link to one of the $5 ones. I sprayed on primer so that paint would stick easier.  Then, we painted various colors on (I used a periwinkle blue milk paint and off white milk paint) and rubbed off the edges with a scrubby sponge so that it starts looking distressed.  We also used rub-n-buff silver leaf wax finish to complete the effect.

The nice thing about this look is it doesn’t have to be exact. You keep painting on a rubbing off layers until you have the exact look that you want.  One tip is to be patient.  The milk paint rubbed off too much if it was still wet, despite using a blow dryer.  So really wait a day or so before painting the next layer.

Framed Teddy Bears

Framed Teddy Bear. Teddy bear girl's nursery

After the frames were painted, it was time for the teddy bears.  We glued fabric onto foam board backing so that it would have a pretty background.  Make sure the fabric is nice and ironed and starched so that no wrinkles are glued on!

Framed teddy bears. Girls teddy bear nursery

We stuck teddy bears on with velcro in case we ever wanted to use the teddy bears for something else (because this one is actually from Germany), but I’m sure you could just glue teddy bears on as well.  We used giant upholstery needles to sew the teddy bears onto the velcro and glued the other half of the velcro onto the back of the picture frames.  A lot of velcro was needed so gravity didn’t eventually pull them off.

Framed Teddy Bear. Girl teddy bear nursery

The crib my grandfather made


Teddy Bear Toile

I found the teddy bear toile online and I knew that it was exactly what I wanted!  The teddy bear toile was used to make curtains and a crib skirt.  This crib skirt is gathered 3:1.  It actually has 2 white layers to back it so the cheap cotton ended up looking much more expensive.

Teddy Bear Toile. Girl teddy bear nursery

We found the ribbon at a little store and it was the perfect match!  Lucky for us they had enough-we found out it was made in China years ago and probably impossible to find anywhere else.  My wonderful mom sewed the sheer ribbon onto white backing so you could see it and then we put that on the underskirt of the crib skirt.

Teddy Bear Toile. Girl Teddy Bear Nursery

Teddy Bear Shadow Box

Teddy Bear Shadow Box Vignette. Teddy bear girl's nursery

My mom’s baby shower gift was this adorable teddy bear shadow box.  We found this teddy bear at BYU and thought he was the most adorable teddy bear ever.  And yes, we are huge BYU fans.  She bought doll house furniture and we made a little dessert party vignette.  She also bought doll house hardwood floors at Hobby Lobby as well as doll house baseboards.  Overall the trim was pretty cheap but makes it adorable!  The wall paper is scrapbook paper glued onto the back.

Teddy bear shadow box. Girls teddy bear nursery

She made the shadow box herself since it can be hard to find shadow boxes with the right exterior look and the right size.  She got another cheap picture frame from Ikea and used 2 x 4’s to make the shadow box.  Then she made the darling shelf from doll house molding.

The Anne blocks are Uncle Goose alphabet blocks.  They sell colored ones, but we got the plain wood ones.  If you look closely you can maybe tell that the blocks are carved.  So, we used a q-tip dipped in paint to very lightly paint the outside.  Then, the letters and the design around stand out more.

Anne of Green Gables Pictures

I wanted to throw in Anne of Green Gables into her room since she is named after Anne.  These pictures were ordered from Canada from, and the colors actually fit perfectly with the periwinkle frames we painted!  (Even if they didn’t I still would’ve had Anne pictures…)  Anne got an Anne doll for Christmas from her grandparents.  And thus completes the nursery!  Well, almost.  I guess we still need to install closet doors…

Anne of Green Gables Nursery. Girls nursery

Tanya Lindquist

Tanya is a licensed clinical social worker who worked for several years at various therapy clinics before becoming a stay at home mom. She loves helping families find tools and methods they can apply to helping children overcome any challenge.

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