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Best Self Esteem Books For Kids

Best Self Esteem Books for Kids

Best Children's Picture Books for Self Esteem, Self Acceptance, Confidence, and Being Your Own Person A Bad Case of Stripes by David Shannon is such a fun story for kids and it teaches children to be your own person with confidence!  It's okay to be different…

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Best Anxiety Books For Kids

Best Anxiety Books for Kids

Books can be immensely helpful in helping kids deal with anxiety.  Here's a list of my favorite anxiety books.  I'm adding to it all the time and would love to hear about more! Anxiety Books for Kids: Picture Books Duke's Journey of Courage: Learning Skills…

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10 Lessons From Disney Movies To Help Kids

10 Lessons from Disney Movies to Help Kids

Many, perhaps even most, parents in America know what it feels like to watch Disney movies over and over and over with our children.  Some Disney movies we even continue to love as an adult.  They can be entertaining and have catchy tunes (sometimes too…

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