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The Power Of Positive Words

The Power of Positive Words

 The five most important words in the English language:      “I am proud of you.” The four most important words:      “What is your opinion?” The three most important words:      “If you please.” The two most important words:      “Thank you.” The least important…

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Understanding Signs Of Anxiety In Kids

Understanding Signs of Anxiety in Kids

Spencer complains of stomach aches before school, but acts fine on the weekends.  Mary loves dancing, but lately she has been crying and dragging her feet to dance class ever since her best friend quit.  Tommy does not make eye contact with anyone at school,…

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How To Fight Panic Attacks

How to Fight Panic Attacks

Panic attacks - or anxiety attacks as they are commonly called -  can be so painful and difficult that some people actually go to the emergency room thinking that they are having a heart attack.  At the very least, people who experience them might have a…

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How To Make Friends

How to Make Friends

One of my earliest school memories is hiding in a tire in the playground during recess because I was too shy to play with the other children.  Eventually I grew up, and while I am still an introvert, I learned how to make friends.  I…

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