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What Makes A Family Ninja?

What Makes a Family Ninja?

Naming this website,, was a journey in and of itself.  Not only is basically every simple url name taken already, but we also wanted something that embodies individual and family wellness.  So, after much thought we settled on Family Ninjas because a ninja is…

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The Power Of Positive Words

The Power of Positive Words

 The five most important words in the English language:      “I am proud of you.” The four most important words:      “What is your opinion?” The three most important words:      “If you please.” The two most important words:      “Thank you.” The least important…

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The Power Of Family Stories

The Power of Family Stories

How important is knowing stories about your loved ones?  What can they teach you and your children?  What impact do they have on their lives? What I Learned from my Grandpa's Stories I loved hearing my Grandpa Peila’s stories growing up.  It brought me back…

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