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Coloring With Chocolate

Coloring With Chocolate

When I was little, my mom used to make chocolate leaves.  It made the cakes and desserts so special.  Recently, I realized that you can make a lot more out of chocolate than simply a leaf.  Why not actually color with chocolate?!  I am so excited to try this with my kids when they get older.  It was a lot of fun for me to do as an adult; I can’t imagine where the creativity of kids can take it.  Here is how to color with chocolate

Find a Coloring Page to Trace

First, find a coloring-page type picture that you would like to trace.  In this case, I drew a template of a tree and printed a coloring page of a dog.  You can google search for coloring pages of whatever you would like to create if you aren’t an artist (like I’m not, as you can tell from my poor drawing of a tree…my printer was out of ink at the time).  Then, put wax paper or parchment paper over it.

Coloring with chocolate

Trace it Using a Cake Decorating Bag

Next, trace it and fill it in with melted chocolate using a cake decorating bag and tips.  I used a small round tip.  Make sure that the chocolate is traced on thick enough that it won’t break once you pick it up to put it on the cake.  Hairline chocolate lines probably won’t work-they didn’t for me anyways.

I used regular chocolate chips melted in the microwave.  I’m sure if you used melting chocolate it would be even easier!  To melt chocolate in the microwave, turn down the power setting and microwave them on half power.  Stir frequently (every 30 seconds) as chocolate can burn and lose its sheen.  Also be mindful that chocolate chips will hold their shape until they are stirred; just because it isn’t liquid doesn’t mean they’re not melted yet.


Making Leaves

Pick leaves off an edible plant and one that doesn’t have pesticides on it.  I used rose leaves.  Using a paint brush, paint chocolate on the underside of the leaf.  This way the veins of the leaf are more noticeable.  Do not paint clear to all the edges in order to make it easier to peel off the leaf.  Also, the thicker you put it on the better so it won’t break when you are ready to peel it off.  Unless you are trying to set the leaves upright, it really doesn’t matter how smooth you spread it on as it will most likely be set face-down and no one will see it.

coloring with chocolate

Harden the Chocolate

Next is the waiting game.  After you have filled in your picture how you would like it to look, put it in the fridge or freezer so your chocolate can harden.  It’s also easier to assemble while the chocolate is cold so it is less likely to re-melt in your warm fingers or break if it is a thin creation (like the dog).


And viola!  You have a beautiful cake that looks a lot harder to make than it is.  Just imagine the cakes you can make with a little creativity!  I actually cheated with the dog cake-it’s on a pancake with yogurt instead of frosting!  I did not feel like making a cake to display the chocolate dog…but, just imagine the fun birthday pancakes you could make.  I know when I was a kid I loved Mickey Mouse pancakes.

cake decorating with chocolate

Coloring with chocolate

Later on, though, I used this technique to make a super easy Snoopy cake for my daughter’s first birthday.  She absolutely loves dogs and loves her Snoopy stuffed animal.

Easy Cake Decorating Skills with No Artistic Skills Required

Be sure to check out our post on other easy cake decorating skills.  And just for fun, remember:

Coloring with Chocolate

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Tanya is a licensed clinical social worker who worked for several years at various therapy clinics before becoming a stay at home mom. She loves helping families find tools and methods they can apply to helping children overcome any challenge.

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