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Why Is My Kid Such A Stress Case? Ideas For Children With Anxiety And Other BIG EMOTIONS – Family Looking Up Podcast Episode 65

Why is My Kid Such a Stress Case? Ideas for children with anxiety and other BIG EMOTIONS – Family Looking Up Podcast Episode 65

Stomach aches, complaining, hiding and avoidance, tantrums and acting out, and endless what-if’s….sometimes we as parents get stressed out just thinking about how to deal with the stress and anxiety our kids face. Anxiety and other big emotions can be so hard for both the kids who feel it and the parents who are trying to help them cope with it!

I recently had the pleasure of speaking with as we discussed some of these difficulties. Listen to the podcast to learn several ways to identify anxiety in our children and get some ideas on how to help kids cope with anxiety.

You can find the podcast by clicking the graphic below or visiting

Kids Anxiety Podcast

Tanya Lindquist

Tanya is a licensed clinical social worker who worked for several years at various therapy clinics before becoming a stay at home mom. She loves helping families find tools and methods they can apply to helping children overcome any challenge.

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